Why Cinemateket USF?

Cinemateket USF is one-room, 68-seat cinema located at USF Verftet, in the Nordnes area of Bergen. USF Verftet is a cultural building beautifully located along the Puddefjord, complete with outdoor cafe serving during the warmer months of the year. Whether you are interested in setting up a film screening, conference, seminar or other private event, Cinemateket USF can accommodate most all needs. Equipped with high speed internet, service-minded and competent technicians, high quality projection and sound equipment, Cinemateket USF is a venue tailored to provide a fantastic audio-visual experience.

In addition, refreshments can be made available via our friends at Kafe Kippers. Kippers is licensed for serving (food and drink) at USF Verftet, including inside the cinema.

Download our rental request form, complete and return to post@cinemateketbergen.no.  We suggest submitting rental requests in good time, as the cinema can get booked up quite fast.

Get in touch to discuss your rental needs and to get a quote for a fee. You can send your inquiry to post@cinemateketbergen.no .