I forbindelse med gruppeutstillingen Urfolkshistorier har Kode i samarbeid med Cinemateket satt sammen et program som vises i løpet av juni med kortfilmer som kan knyttes til utstillingen.

Mbya Mirim (Young Mbya)

Spilletid: 22 min. Produsert: Brasil, 2013. Regi: Ariel Ortega (Kuaray Poty), Patrícia Ferreira (Pará Yxapy). Tale: Guarani. Undertekst: Engelsk. Visningsformat: DCP.

The film follows Palermo and Neneco, two Mbya Guarani children from the Tekoa Koe’ju territory in Rio Grande do Sul, the southernmost state of Brazil. As a glimpse into their lives, the film depicts not only how they manage to find a way to have fun even while helping with village chores, but also how the contact with white people is not always friendly.

Ma Ê Dami Xina (I’ve already become an image)

Spilletid: 32 min. Produsert: Brazil, 2008. Regi: Zezinho Yube. Tale: Hãtxa Kuin, Portugisisk. Undetekst: Engelsk. Visningsformat: DCP.

Rubber plantation owners enslaved the Hunikui for decades. Access to modern methods of recording was limited but vital to their survival. A compelling account of this tribe’s cultural resurgence seen through the eyes of their collective memory.

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